Managing technical debt in a systematic way

Reducing technical debt systematically makes organizations agile and boosts innovation.

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How do organizations remain agile and guarantee future fit without being slowed down by technical debt?


When IT leaders can rationalize technology portfolios they can take back control and drive innovation. Discover how technology executives can enable organizations to move fast and creatively while also being resilient.


Key Takeaways

  • Understand the different types of technical debt
  • Best practices to rationalize technology portfolios
  • How to prioritize technical debt that is aligned with business objectives
  • Take control of technical debt and increase agility
Charles Betz, Vice President and Research Director, Enterprise Architecture, Forrester Research   Jasper Geurts, Director, US Consulting, Software Improvement Group

Charles Betz
VP & Research Director
Forrester Research


Jasper Geurts
Director, US Consulting